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Ideas, Recipes, and Tips for the Cold Season

Here we are, folks. It's mid-December, 2022, and people across the globe are experiencing a storm of viral and bacterial infections. The fact is that we need some options for increasing our health levels, without stress, at home.

Based on my training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, I humbly offer some resources for you and your families, to help mitigate the discomforts and weaknesses of the season. Although all preventive medicine must be individualized, general recommendations provide templates available for modification. I hope to outline a few templates here for you, provide recipes for inspiration, and give you a solid resource for prebiotic food options. 

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Thai Herbal Topicals: Our Story and Practices

Please enjoy this short ebook about our company's startup journey. We are working hard every day to bring the freshest herbs to you, in a system of external healing tools that you can easily use for everyday health.

We strive to honor the history of Luk Prakob and Thai Traditional Medicine, and you will continue to see our process as we grow. Thank you so much for reading about our founders, our commitment to environmental stewardship, regenerative agriculture, sustainable business practices, how we give back to communities in Thailand, and our goal to support the joyful connection between Earth and humans.

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General Tips for Immune System Support
WE GOT THIS... TOGETHER While it is not possible to completely prevent Covid-19, you can certainly prepare your body to weather the storm if it does show up. Sign up for online herbal and lifestyle consultations with me to fine...
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Caring for Your Gemstone Roller
We love our gemstone rollers! We hope you do too. They will have a long, happy useful life when properly cared for. And your caring efforts will be rewarded with a tool that brings you relaxation every time!  Because our...
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