Caring for Your Gemstone Roller

Caring for Your Gemstone Roller

We love our gemstone rollers! We hope you do too. They will have a long, happy useful life when properly cared for. And your caring efforts will be rewarded with a tool that brings you relaxation every time! 

Because our roller handles are made of teak wood, the handle is extremely resistant to moisture degradation of any kind. It is full of its own natural oils that protect it from wearing down over time due to water infiltration.

That said, do not immerse the roller in any liquid for more than a minute, since the stones are slightly porous and can wear down over time. Tiny cracks in the stone may become more pronounced and the stone can become more brittle due to liquid immersion. 

The natural stones themselves can naturally fade over time, especially when exposed to UV light (natural and artificial). To preserve the color of amethyst and rose quartz especially, keep them hidden in a dark area. But don't worry, if sun exposure does happen, any natural lightening of the quartz and amethyst (also a type of quartz) will not impact the effectiveness of the tool. 


For use at home: Simply wash the roller head before and after each use with warm soap and water, and once a week wipe down with sanitizing wipes such as Method’s Go Naked Wipes. Avoid strongly alkaline or acidic solutions such as bleach or vinegar. You can periodically add a drop of oil to the hole drilled through the wood to be sure the metal is gliding smoothly. 

For use clinically: Wipe the stone surfaces down with PDI Super Sani-Cloth Disposable Wipes or similar level of disinfectant, letting it rest for 2 full minutes before washing with soap and hot water. Wipe it down again and let it rest before the next use. You can wash once more with soap and hot water prior to using it to make sure the disinfectant residue is fully removed. To be absolutely sure of no cross-contamination, use the patient’s own facial roller each time.

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