Why the Double Roller Style?

Why the Double Roller Style?

Simply put, smart design and elegant application.

As an acupuncturist and facialist using facial rollers constantly, I found myself searching for a better roller design. I searched for 4 years until I found these beauties. Let me explain the difference between the commonly known "jade roller" with the single cylindrical rolling element, and our double sphere gemstone facial rollers.

  1. Durability. Whereas the wider single roller style (the popularized "jade roller") has no true axle, these double sphere rollers are solidly attached to an axle, thus experiencing equipment failure with far less frequency. Our rollers also have no wires poking out from the sides, allowing for a smooth seamless roll around the eyes, along the nose, and under the eyebrows.
  2. Efficiency. The wider "jade" rollers just press on the muscles, pushing the lymph along in a wave (which is their best usage). In contrast, the double sphere rollers treat both the lymph level (with light rolling) and the muscle and acupressure point level (with more targeted pressure and holding). The smaller point of pressure on the skin allows for precise acupressure stimulation, while the parallel double spheres gently squeeze muscles between the two rollers. They also allow for treatment simultaneously above and below the jawline, above and below the cheekbone, and above and below the eyebrow. Talk about destressing, luxurious movement!
  1. Ergonomics. Rather than a thin wand that must be pinched between the fingers, our handles have a lightweight yet curvy design that rests lightly in the palm. The sustainable, honey-tinted teak wood has a slight texture that creates an easy grip. The handles of our rollers are weighted to fit lightly and easily in the hand, allowing for precise manipulation necessary for very light movements around the delicate tissues of the face.
  2. Integrity. Our double sphere gemstone rollers are sourced directly from their producers in Thailand who are completely transparent about their practices. The gemstones are of high quality and verified. The teak wood is sustainably harvested. Individual rollers may vary due to natural variations in the untreated gemstones and grain striations in the teak wood.

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