Double Sphere Facial Rollers

Our facial rollers utilize a double-sphere parallel configuration, allowing for accurate stimulation of the trigger points and acupressure points of the face, neck, and decolletage. The parallel spheres help to gently squeeze muscles between the two roller heads, adding to the muscle relaxation impact. The double spheres "hug" bony prominences of the jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrows, giving them extra love.  Our rollers are specially suited for work around the eyes and along the jawline, neck muscles, and next to the spine of the neck. 

Regular use can create a firming and smoothing effect. The stone spheres roll lightly across the delicate tissues without tugging or pulling, while increasing blood flow and unblocking tension patterns. Our facial massage tools with the double sphere roller style create a soothing and cooling effect initially, followed by a warming and activating effect on the muscles and connective tissue of the face. 

Made of sustainably harvested teak wood, the handles of our rollers are weighted to fit lightly and easily in the hand, allowing for precise manipulation necessary for very light movements around the delicate tissues of the face.

Differences between the stone types: 
All stone types work in a similar way to relieve tension while reducing puffiness and stimulating skin tone. Rose quartz and amethyst are slightly harder than tiger’s eye and lapis lazuli, and softer stones can actually work deeper in the connective tissue since they don’t glide across as superficially.

Each gemstone has a different composition of minerals, and each stone type has a unique history and wealth of symbolic and energetic associations. However, the most important consideration when choosing a stone to work with is to simply choose the one you are most drawn to. Even better, try all four and use the one you are most drawn to on any given day, since it will change over time!

Individual rollers may vary due to natural variations in the untreated stones and grain striations in the teak wood.