Healing Pain Relief: Herbal Infusion Oils

The science of herbal combination merges with the scent of Thai herbal medicine to bring you pain relief in three refreshing combinations.

The art of aromatherapy is incorporated into every herbal formulation, leaving you with a clean herbal scent that is uplifting and soothing. This is an oil that can be applied using just a couple drops before work or workout and will not announce your injury.

These oils are not merely a combination of essential oils; they consist of an herbal infusion in a carrier oil as well as a couple essential oils. This creates an ideal formulation for healing. Over 70% of each oil is composed of the herbal infusion, which moves into the site of injury or chronic pain to help it heal as well as relieve pain.

Our topical oils are meant to be vigorously rubbed onto the area of pain or tension, and feel the relief sink in. They are best used paired with massage, foam rolling, and other types of manual therapy. The Balancing Oil is safe to use with children 3 years old and up; the Activating and Cooling Oils can be used from 13 years old and up.

We are small batch formulators who use only the absolute freshest local herbal ingredients. The colors alone tell the story of the active ingredients inside. No added coloring, no added preservatives. 

Thai citizens use these herbal oils to treat everything from grandma’s achy back, to college student stress and headaches, to strike injuries of kickboxing professionals. The native herbs of Thailand, such as turmeric and ginger, excel in the realm of pain relief.