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Studio Sapaan boosts beauty and mind with facial Gua Sha


We refer to the holidays as “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it can also be a stressful time of year. When you’re stressed, it tends to show. We found a way for you to not only feel more relaxed, but look that way, too. Molly Riehl stops by Studio Sapaan to learn more about facial Gua Sha and get a lesson in facial rolling.


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Build your glow at home with facial rolling


Want to treat yourself to a beauty and mood boost every single day? The secret may be facial rolling.


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A New Beauty Trend and Celebrating Slow Fashion: Gua Sha Massage Is Administered with a Cooling Jade Stone 


Usually during a facial, the treatment focuses on various topical products to achieve different results, which sometimes can cause irritation. The Gua Sha massage and Thai compress, however, only rely on a neutral oil, a gentle pearl exfoliating powder, and the natural herbs in the compress; the main treatment is the massage itself, which is absolute HEAVEN. One doesn’t realize just how much stress and tension is held in the muscles of the face and jaw until a qualified person works on them. Over the course of the hour-long treatment, I could actually feel my skin lifting, the tension in my muscles and jaw melting, and the toxins being flushed away. And that pesky line? Gone!

The treatment was almost a month (and two fashion shows) ago, and the line has come back a little—but the overall effects of the treatment continue. At $110 per treatment, it’s not cheap, but compare that to the cost of injections, Botox, and other cosmetic procedures, and it’s a downright steal. Plus, no pain or downtime! While I’ll still be going to my much-trusted facialist for regular surface treatments, I’ll definitely be incorporating this new technique into my self-care routine.


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[The] facial gua sha routine layers a few wonderful things, just as the Thai poultice layers water, heat, Thai herbs, and massage. Facial gua sha layers the cooling, anti-inflammatory property of the jade gua sha stone; the acupressure-stimulating techniques for meridians of the face, neck, and shoulders; the herbal infusion technique gently driving the herbal components deep into the skin; and the precise connective tissue stimulating effect of the gua sha technique for treating deep and fine wrinkle lines. The combination of Dr. Zhang’s Nefeli pearl powder, Nefeli herbal serums, and patented facial gua sha tool creates the extra layer of detail work in the texture of the skin that was missing from the poultice massage.
Together, the poultice and facial gua sha act as hot/cold therapy, and a complementary yang and yin treatment pattern. The poultice warms everything up and gets fluids moving very easily. Then, the cold gua sha stone infuses the herbs into the skin with soothing deep movements while allowing for detailed work on lines, scars, and tone. I may alternate between the two treatments a few times, as well as using Thai massage techniques, double gemstone roller massage, and Qigong.