Online Services

Your health AND beauty can be improved successfully with an online consult! 

For your convenience I have provided a few options to get started. If you don't see the visit type that you are looking for, or would like a longer or shorter session, please let me know via my contact page and we will figure it out! 

1) Facial Health and Beauty Consult, First Visit 90 min, $120

Learn how to accentuate your beauty and health while treating skincare issues, tension, and pain affecting the neck, face and head. You will be offered resources for home use which may include: dietary protocols or recipes, Chinese herbal medicine delivered to you, skincare products picked specifically for you, acupressure and facial rolling or gua sha routines. You will also receive a beautiful 10 page individualized home treatment instructional menu. 

Facial Health and Beauty Consult, Follow Up $50, 45 min


2) Chinese Medicine Online Health Consult, First Visit 90 min, $120

Tune up your body's defensive system or treat symptoms of respiratory infection; get help for pain and ongoing health concerns. Beth Russell, LAc Dipl.OM uses the whole-systems approach of Traditional East Asian Medicine to treat the whole body and mind together during this time of challenge to many aspects of our being. Beth has remained up to date with professional guidelines regarding telehealth and specifically for treating symptoms using Chinese herbal medicine and Qigong.  

This consultation will give you individualized recommendations for:  botanicals including Chinese herbal medicine and recipes you can make at home, key nutrients, and somatic techniques such as targeted breathing techniques and self-massage.

Follow up protocols and notes provided, along with any pertinent videos.

Chinese Medicine Online Health Consult, Follow Up Visit $50, 45 min


3) Facial Gua Sha Tutorial, 60 minutes, $90

This session will give you a complete home care gua sha routine, individualized for you! You will learn how to give yourself a fantastic lifting, toning, pore refining, relaxing and stimulating treatment all at once. You will leave our session glowing! 

Learn from a facial gua sha expert, not someone who just recently learned the technique! I have been doing this work for over 3 years and I teach this treatment to professionals in great detail. During your tutorial you will benefit from my knowledge of Chinese medicine facial diagnosis as well, giving you added insight for how best to take care of your skin.

*Requires a clean face and your own facial oil, unless you would like to purchase a small oil from me beforehand along with your gua sha tool.

**PLEASE NOTE: You need a gua sha tool for this meeting. Please book this for AT LEAST 7 DAYS LATER THAN TODAY so I have time to ship you the gua sha tool prior to our appointment. It costs $24 for the tool, not included in price of visit. I will email you an invoice and shipping info.