Studio Sapaan Portland

"Sapaan" means BRIDGE in the Thai language.

This is the Portland practice of Beth Griffing Russell, LAc, MAcOM, Dipl.OM. I am offering the following online appointments. In-person treatment is postponed until further notice, other than my work with the team at Breatheworks in Lake Oswego (focusing on speech language support).

Nourishing Vitality: An Individualized Beauty Menu by Beth Russell, LAc


Facial Gua Sha Tutorial $90, 60 min: This visit will give you a complete home care gua sha routine, individualized for you! Lifting, toning, pore refining, relaxing and stimulating all at once. You will leave our session glowing! 


Facial Health and Beauty Consult, First Visit $120, 90 min: Best for first time clients. I will teach you how to accentuate your beauty and health while treating skincare issues, as well as tension and pain affecting the neck, face and head. Includes Chinese herbal prescription and follow-up written and demo video guidelines for you. You will also receive a  beautiful 10 page individualized home treatment instructional menu. 

Facial Health and Beauty Consult, Follow Up $50, 45 min


Chinese Medicine Online Health Consult, First Visit $120, 90 min: Tune up your body's defensive system with advanced techniques and the latest recommendations. Combines individualized recommendations for:  botanicals, key nutrients, and somatic techniques such as targeted breathing techniques and self-massage. Follow up protocols and notes provided, along with any pertinent videos. 

Chinese Medicine Online Health Consult, Follow Up Visit $50, 45 min

At Studio Sapaan, I operate in the territory that links health and beauty, for your most powerful expression of being. Working with you, we use techniques that bridge Eastern facial renewal practices with Western understanding of biomechanics and evidence based medicine.

I will help you create a resilient health foundation and beauty practice. I am skilled in teaching relaxation practices that bring ease and delight into your day. Your own hands, breath, and foods you have at home are all powerful tools for transformation, but in many cases self- treatment is much easier with the use of gua sha tools, herbal compresses, specific topicals, and herbal medicine.

I am committed to creating a responsive, inclusive, and safe resource space for you.


Photograph of Beth Russell, a white woman with brown hair and eyes, in a black collared shirt, smiling.I will help you enter a state of health and relaxation where you can more easily access your 'flow,' whether it be creative, physical, analytical, or task-based. I utilize advanced training in orthopedic acupuncture, Thai and Japanese bodywork, and non-needling Chinese medicine techniques to treat a wide range of physical conditions. I find the connections throughout your body that can build greater resilience physically and holistically. My goal is nothing short of helping manifest your potential, while beautifying and strengthening your body and spirit. 

Most sessions at Studio Sapaan are based around facial renewal, but this necessarily involves treatment of the entire body for constitutional support. This means that each treatment also increases the efficiency and health of the body at its baseline function.

Modalities of in-person treatment include: 

Jade Stone and Thai Herb Facial Renewal | Acupuncture | Acupressure | Electroacupuncture | Teishin | Shiatsu | Thai Traditional Massage | Facial Gua Sha | Facial Cupping | Connective Tissue Massage | Steamed Herbal Compress | Body Cupping | Body Gua Sha | Breathwork | Qigong | Chinese Herbal Medicine

An agate stone gua sha tool lays flat on a white surface, with a small jar of pearl powder and a facial roller on top of it

Studio Sapaan is a safe space. All are welcome here. I am happy to treat non-English speakers who provide their own translator.

You may contact me with any questions at or via my Contact Form.