Studio Sapaan Signature Facial Renewal Experience

The Signature Facial Renewal Experience takes the facial to another level, some would say another dimension! Because this is a new type of facial for most clients, I have begun to outline the general steps of this elegant, transformative facial work. I will be adding videos, but for now I will describe the steps and show you the tools that I use in my practice.

I begin with assessment of the face and neck, constitution, and assessment of tension or pain in other areas of the body. Body work or body acupuncture initiates the tNefeli facial gua sha agate stone, Tiger's Eye Double Gemstone Facial Roller, Pearl Powder in Open Jarreatment to provide grounding and start removing the layers of tension. For example, I might begin with a foot massage using topical herbal infusions and heat, with a few acupuncture points to support skin, digestion or relaxation. 

After you are settled and receptive, the facial work commences. An oil cleanse with warm towels, pearl powder exfoliation, and individualized facial hydrosol, serums, and oils will be applied as your body unwinds. Skincare lines used may include: Nefeli, MyHavtorn, 5YINA, Siam Seas, Ytsara, Altogether Lovely, and Aypa.

Then I begin a gentle technique called facial gua sha (informed by the Nefeli facial gua sha technique), using a stone such as agate or nephrite (jade) to apply massage and gentle movements to the decolletage, shoulders, neck, face, and scalp. This is the heart of the treatment, provided with expert care, for complete rejuvenation, lifting, toning, wrinkle reduction, depuffing, and skin health. At this time, I apply specialized techniques for the treatment of rosacea, eczema, acne, hyperpigmentation, edema, etc.

DepWhite cotton muslin Thai herbal compress, unsteamed, on white backgroundending on the individual, a Thai steamed herbal compress massage may follow. The Thai steamed herbal compress is a traditional tool for relaxing and rejuvenating muscles and connective tissue, using steam heat to deliver a water-soluble and easily absorbed herbal infusion. The organic muslin cloth is filled with healing anti-inflammatory herbs such as Thai ginger, hibiscus, turmeric, java apple, and more, formulated for skin health as well as relaxation. To apply the hot herbal compress, I use whisper-light rolling across the face (which clients interpret as a smooth warm stone most of the time, as their eyes are closed). As the compress continues to retain warmth, I engage advanced techniques to move lymph and heal the tissues with gentle pressing, rocking, and tapping. I apply firmer pressure at the jaws, neck, shoulders, and scalp to release long-held tension patterns. This continues and deepens the work of the facial gua sha, allowing the deeper muscles and tissues to unwind, bringing another layer of resilience to the face and neck.

Following this, a cooling mask may be applied, or cooling stones may be used to soothe and further refine the skin and lymphatic flow, with the addition of gentle acupressure holding at important points of the face, head, and neck. 

This treatment not only transforms the tone of the face and neck, but it also tones the nervous system and assists in reconnecting with the subconscious in a gentle yet profound way.