Beth is THE BEST I absolutely adore Beth! She's so knowledgeable and kind. She is good at listening and incorporating new treatments to help relieve stress and other pain. Highly recommend! - D.K. 

Relief I suffer from major tinnitus and could also hear fluid in my left ear. I saw Beth Griffing. Her acupuncture, facial, front and sides of my neck drained my ear and reduced all the pressure and pain I had in my ears. - Desperate 

Excellence I am having a fabulous experience and definable results working with Beth Griffing. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture. - Bryan C

My LAc is Beth Griffing, she is a great listener and a adept healer. She skillfully and intuitively incorporates SHIATSU as well as acupuncture into her sessions. -NW Dragonfly

So happy to have found Beth Griffing LAc - thoughtful, funny, intuitive, collaborative - all the best qualities in a healthcare provider- Sam Hunter

I've seen Beth on and off for four years given my relocation to and from PDX. She's patient, kind, and caring to her patients. She's flexible with schedules and makes time to listen. As a QPOC she's been culturally sensitive and so has her staff. She sees many of my friends and we all rave about her skills. She's really magical!! - rosa yadira o.

Beth Griffing is amazing. She treats my children and me with great patience and compassion, and I trust her expertise absolutely. -R.M.

Beth is excellent. Beth has helped me more than anyone else after a total hip replacement that caused severe sciatic nerve damage & hearing loss. She's always warm & upbeat & hopeful for my improvement. She's knowledgeable & shares her info. I would strongly recommend her. - Dolores Myers

Highly Recommended! Beth Griffing's treatments for some ongoing health issues have made a real difference in my well-being. In my opinion, those with complex or chronic health issues especially will make a wise choice in working with her. She’s an observant, knowledgeable practitioner and fully engaged with her patients. If you are working with medical doctors and want to incorporate acupuncture into your health care, Beth is also a great choice. This is intelligent acupuncture from a mature medical mind. - MARK H 

Finally someone who understands me! I tried another acupuncturist and didn't have a good experience. I made an appointment with Beth Griffing and was impressed with the easy conversation as well as the breadth of knowledge she has acquired. I have tried for years to get answers to my chronic heat, nausea, & fatigue. After discussing my health information and receiving my first treatment I feel amazing! I would definitely recommend Beth to women frustrated with traditional medicine with no results…- lolo

Thanks to Beth I've been going to Beth for acupuncture for a few years now. I was initially impressed with her warm friendly personality and her gentle touch but she also has a wealth of knowledge and is very intuitive. Beth takes the time to listen. She took on a very complex case with me and some how she has helped me maintain balance and function. Where traditional western medicine was failing me Beth has worked miracles. I don't think I would be enjoying life today with out her. - Bonnie L

Immediate Results! I was shocked and surprised at how fast I began feeling better after my treatment with Beth Griffing! She was extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. I felt like she really listened to me and was very quickly able to formulate a course of acupuncture for me. I would recommend her to anybody - especially office workers who have to sit a lot! - T.R.

I followed Beth Griffing here from a previous location, and she continues to be the most amazing acupuncturist ever.  She is super intuitive and attentive, making sure the whole treatment is comfortable and so effective. Helped with some pregnancy-related pain issues more than physical therapy, massage, or chiropractic care, and beyond that I also left feeling incredibly relaxed and peaceful! - Amanda C.

I've been going to Beth Griffing for acupuncture and Thai massage for several years and can't recommend her highly enough.What sets Beth apart in her practice is a bright sense of scientific interest and inquiry towards these ancient techniques. It's so refreshing to work with someone who not only understands the historical context of treatments but also can educate you on the latest scientific studies that surround the efficacy of the techniques she employs.  Beth guides you both through the WHY and the HOW. -Michelle K 

Excellent acupuncture I see Beth Griffing at this clinic and she is amazing. She uses a variety of different modalities to provide both immediate and long-lasting relief of symptoms. Every time I see her I am amazed at how much better I feel! - Amanda

Amazing results I have been seeing Beth for several months now. On my last visit I had excruciating pan in my neck, pecks and biceps. Beth used a combination of acupuncture and cupping. After I left I was pain free and relaxed. I always trust her judgment because no matter how I feel when I arrive, I feel heard and my issues are addressed. She is very compassionate and really listens to my symptoms. I feel like my old (young) self again. I'm more focused and have more energy! - L.S.

So Excited I just had my first visit with Beth. She is amazing at what she does. Beth explains everything, so that you really understand what she is doing and how it is supposed to work. I had a slight change of energy from the first visit and am so excited to see what is to come! - Jane R