Corporate and Non-Profit Wellness: Online Workshops

Corporate and Non-Profit Wellness: Online Workshops

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Enjoy a customized 45-60 minute workshop for enhancing employee wellness, relaxation and alertness. Contact me to discuss how to customize this wellness session for your hard-working team.

During our time online, I guide the group through interactive exercises, self-massage, and breathing patterns to create a somatic experience that helps reset the nervous system, relax muscles, and amplify function.

This live interaction can be customized for your group. It may include but is not limited to the following:  

  • Standing exercises to counteract computer work- can be done in a small space
  • Breathing exercises to activate or settle the body and mind. 
  • Facial and head self-massage, facial rolling, facial gua sha
  • Thai steamed herbal compress self-massage
  • Foot self-massage and acupressure
  • Acupoint tapping and acupressure
  • Stretching and Qigong movements to treat and prevent aches and pains

A short handbook will be provided for reference. Items such as relaxing oils, gua sha tools, and Thai steamed herbal compresses are available at a discount or may be included in the cost, depending on how we customize the workshop for your needs.