Wholesale Early Adopter Complete Package

Wholesale Early Adopter Complete Package

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Includes the following: 

18 Steamed Herbal Compresses. You will receive 3 of each type.
These include: 
1) Classic Thai Ginger Compress- large 
2) Szechuan Peppercorn and Sea Salt- large
3) Classic Thai Ginger and Hibiscus Facial Compress
4) Wild Turmeric Facial Compress
5) Bamboo Grass Facial Compress
6) Coffee, Cinnamon, Rose Facial Compress
1 Steamed Herbal Pillow.
1 Herbal Sniffer
1 Facial herbal compress starter along with the Recorded Webinar for Facial Compress Massage
The Facial herbal compress will be shipped within one business day and the webinar will be delivered to you by email within 24 hours. 
The 20 remaining products are being produced as we speak and will arrive at your doorstep within 4 weeks, conservatively (likely sooner). We ship from Thailand via air mail so the cargo ship issues will not impact this delivery.
A detailed breakdown of the herbal compresses and pillow follows: 

Core Repair Herbal Pillow: This pillow has been designed for helping with postpartum recovery, to heal the abdomen and core while stimulating anti-inflammatory pathways. This should also be applied to any kind of pain condition of the back/torso/limbs that is not worse with pressure or heat.

TO USE: Dip in water briefly, then heat in microwave on high for 3 minutes OR steam on stovetop/ electric steamer for 10-15 min. Wrap in towel and apply to body, then unwrap as it cools for increased effectiveness, or insert in cloth belt (when it is a comfortable temperature) and wear for at least 15 min. Re-heat as needed.

Ingredients: Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. (Bengal Root/ Plai), Curcuma longa Linn (Turmeric Root), Cymbopogon citratus (De ex Nees) Stapf. (Lemongrass), Citrus hystrix DC. (Kaffir Lime/ Makrut Lime), Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb. (Pandan leaf), Natural Thai Sea Salt.

Formula 1: Classic Thai Ginger Compress: This is the classic pain relief formula that is used for treating everything from muscle tension to old injuries at the tendon level. Scent is uplifting and digestion-stimulating. Should be used "wet" after soaking and steaming.
Ingredients: Zingiber cassumunar Roxb., Curcuma longa Linn., Cymbopogon citratus (De ed Nees) Stapf., Citrus hystrix DC., Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb., Curcuma aromatica Salisb.
Formula 2: Sea Salt and Prik horm/ Szechuan Peppercorn: Made with natural seasalt from Samutsakorn, an area famous in Thailand for natural sea salt farming using traditional folk ways, with no bleach or preservatives. The properties of the prik horm are similar to Szechuan peppercorn, increasing circulation and providing a stress relief effect mentally as well as physically. Combined with sea salt, this is both detoxifying and stimulating to the whole body. This can be used after a workout session to optimize recovery, and it can be used for chronic pain and stiffness.

TO USE: DRY: Dip quickly in water, then microwave for 2 min on high or steam on the stovetop for 5-10 min. Apply gently to areas of pain or swelling. WET: Put it in the bathtub or foot bath, then run the hottest water over the compress. Slowly add cooler water to achieve ideal temperature for soaking. Now take the compress and vigorously scrub the feet, lower legs, and body (if in the bathtub), then soak with the compress in the water at least 15 min.

Ingredients: Natural Thai Sea Salt, Zanthoxylum limonella (Sichuan Peppercorn/ Prik Hom)


Formula 3: Small Classic Thai Ginger and Hibiscus Facial Compress 
Similar to formula 1, yet without camphor and with the addition of hibiscus and tamarind leaf. Perfect for soothing skin and stimulating circulation at the same time while delivering vitamin C. 
Ingredients: Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. (Thai ginger/Bengal root), Curcuma longa Linn. (Turmeric root), Cymbopogon  citratus (De ex Nees) Stapf. (Lemon grass), Citrus hystrix  DC. (Kaffir lime), Tamarindus indica  L. (Tamarind leaf), Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. (Hibiscus)

Formula 4: Moisturizing and Toning Herbal Compress: Wild Turmeric, Tamarind, Thanaka, Coconut. A bright, glowing way to bring moisture and tone to the skin. Helps with preventing and treating wrinkles. Clinically used for stimulating blood flow while refining texture of skin and reducing acne. It is great for “damp” conditions. Ingredients: Cocos nucifera L (coconut), Curcuma aromatica Salisb. (wild turmeric), Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. (Bengal root / Plai), Hesperethusa crenulata (Roxb.) Roem (Thanaka), Tamarindus indica L. (Tamarind leaf) 

Formula 5: Skin Repair/ Redness Reducing Herbal Compress: Gotu Kola, Arrowroot, Bamboo Grass. Extremely mild scent. Featuring herbs that reduce inflammation immediately, help heal deep acne, and help rebuild the skin barrier if it has been compromised. Arrowroot powder will filter out onto the skin slowly. It can also harden up, so keep pressing and squeezing the compress with your hands when it is warm to keep it malleable. Ingredients: Oryza sativa (Rice), Centella asiatica Urban. (Gotu Kola), Tacca leontopetaloides. (Arrowroot), Ficus racemose (Fig tree root), Capparis micracantha Dc., Tiliacora triandra (Colebr.) Diels (Bamboo grass root), Harrisonia perforate (Blanco) Merr.

Formula 6: Skin Detox + Relaxation: Cinnamon, Coffee, Rose. Skin brightening and evening texture. Relax muscles and activate energy. Includes salicylic acid from the coffee to help fight inflammation and acne. Ingredients: Coffee grounds, Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb., (Pandan leaf), Rosa hybrida. (Rose petal), Cinnamomum verum J.Presl (Cinnamon)

General Facial Technique: Press gently into the skin, hold, and release slowly, as temperature allows. Move faster when it is hotter, and slower as it cools down to just warm. Press gently up and under the bony areas of the neck and face (collarbone, jawline, cheekbones, eyebrows, back of head) and move from the center line to the edges. Only use in a way that feels soothing and good- always stop if any pain or worsening of symptoms occurs.

 And last but not least, the herbal sniffers

Herbal sniffers will come in a package that looks like this, available in the colors below and more. They are about 1.5" tall. They are filled with dried herbs that have a balanced citrus/spice/nasal opening scent. Used for: cold symptoms, stuffy nose, dizziness, focus. Ingredients: Citrus medica Linn. (Buddha’s hand), Citrus hystrix  DC. (Kaffir lime), Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.)  Swingle (Lime), Piper nigrum L. (Black pepper), Myristica fragrans Houtt. (Nutmeg), Amomum krervanh Pierre ex Gagnep (Siam Cardamom), Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr. & L.M.Perry)(Clove), Borneol, Camphor, Menthol

Below is an illustration of basic setup for the compress that I use in clinic: a small rice cooker with steamer attachment. It works well for the facial sizes and the larger ones on their side. If you are using more of the body compresses and body pillow, a larger one is available just for steaming veggies like this: Bella Two Tier Food Steamer

When I was using more than one treatment room, I would have the steamer on a rolling cart along with hand towels and a small bowl for soaking. I would just prep it at the sink, then roll it into the room and plug it in. Super easy. If you have a microwave at work you can also use that, or keep the steamer outside of the treatment room if you don't mind the scent filtering through the common areas.


Follow along with videos on instagram @studio_sapaan for specific technique demonstrations. I will also be compiling a video library just for us, and I will email you the links as they become available! 


Please email me at beth@studiosapaan.com with any other questions too!